…A postage stamp with an ocean view

With hip clients who enjoyed the outdoors more than the indoors and who also loved to cook, entertain, and share the bounty, Daune had a challenge on her hands. She needed to satisfy all of the requirements within a tight space with limited access for construction. The end result was bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in, while meeting the “lawn-free” goal. By shaping inviting spaces to suit the clients’ various activities, Daune started with an update and redesign of the decking, porches, railings, cedar hot tub, and sauna. The area was then finished with a built-in native stone grill area, vegetable and herb gardens, a fire pit patio area, a pergola-covered dining space, and an early morning coffee spot. And, of course, included in the design was an outside shower for rinsing off the after a hard day of surfing! Phew!

From the client:

“Daune’s masterful design using stone, wood and plantings completely aligned with our vision of creating a layered space that combined visual intrigue, texture, beauty, and purpose. She doubled the size of our home by transforming our small and under-used yard into a collection of outdoor living spaces. Sensitive to a beginning and end date to our project, Daune was able to source quality professionals who, in turn, worked their magic and completed the project on time, despite sometimes challenging weather conditions. Thank you Daune!”