…An island retreat from scratch

Daune knew her clients well, having worked with them in coastal Rhode Island and the Back Bay of Boston. Her challenge was to bring the same sensibilities to their new home on the coast of Maine. Some things never change. Their requirements were for a high level of human comfort and, equally, canine comfort, with convenient outdoor spaces to share with family and friends as well as lots of color! By collaborating with an experienced Maine landscape firm, Daune was able to marry the house to the land. She reestablished privacy by using mixed native species and defined the client’s water views with minimal disturbance.

From the client:

“Daune Peckham is unlike any landscape designer you’ve ever known. No repetitious re-use of stale designs. Everything perfectly tailored to the land on which it sits, the house it complements, and the people it pleases and makes proud. Her unique designs creatively utilize native species and skilled local artisans and materials. At three disparate locations (the Back Bay of Boston, the seashores of Rhode Island, and the rocky shores of Maine) she has brought to life special gardens and a treasure of landscapes and hardscapes. Our house is her house, in the most meaningful of ways.”